How To Take Bath Everyday-1

How To Take Bath Everyday

Many people do not know how to take bath to clean one’s body.  Bathing is necessary for many reasons including cleanliness, relaxation and keeping the mind and body healthy.  This article is about the healthy and simplest way to take bath for relaxation cleanliness and to increase the beauty of the Body


When to take bath?

According to everyone’s time schedule a person takes bath either in the morning or in the evening  or both the time. There is no specific time of the day when a person should not take bath. Remember that bathing is also associated with one’s body temperature and the temperature of the environment. After waking up from sleep in the morning it is best to clean ourselves by taking bath with hot water,  depending upon the climatic conditions the temperature of the water can be adjusted

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Hot water bath?

Hot water bath?

Hot water increases the blood circulation to the skin thereby bringing about many chemical changes to the body, brain and the muscles giving a very relaxed bath.  Hot water is considered to be one of the best treatment for relaxation after a heavy tedious work. Hot water has the capacity to relax themuscle cramps and give strength to the body. But remember to Limit your bath with hot water for minimum 10 to maximum 25 minutes.Taking bath in hot water for a long time can cause dry skin and the hot water will remove the excess water from the skin after bath

These cautions should be carried out while taking bath with hot water

Feel the temperature before taking the bath preventing injury by very hot water

Do not wash the face with hot water because hot water can harm the eyes  

Taking  head bath with  very hot water is not good for the hair as it can harm the hair growth and the texture of the head. Keeping this in mind everyone can enjoy a beautiful way to of relaxation by taking bath in hot water


Cold water bath?

By cold  water it means the  warm tap water. It is basically used in everyone’s home.

This way of bathing is mostly observed all over the world which is absolutely safe and sound. But remember, if at all a person is suffering from  frostbite or is injured the warm water bath must be avoided as the water contains germs, that can infect the injured person.

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