How to take bath- 2

How to take bath

Always start taking bath below from the neck down to the Legs. It is recommended to use a good antiseptic soap depending on the climate condition and your profession. Try to avoid soap and body wash containing milk because this kind of soaps can cause bad body odor.


How to start?

    If you’re using a body wash do not forget to use a loofah. Take a small amount of body wash on the loofah and use it on the Wet body. Rub the loofah carefully behind the neck behind the ears in the Armpit region and the pubic region. Let the foam/ lather of the body wash to stay on the body for few minutes because any soap requires few minutes to work on the skin.

How to wash Face?

    After you wash out the soap from the body it is time to wash your face. Do not forget to wash face with cold water and avoid hot water  because hot water will darken the face and is harmful to the eyes. . You can also apply scrub twice a week on the face and then use the face wash or the facial soap for washing your face. In the end remember to pack to dry your body with clean towel and then walk out of the bathroom after refreshing part.

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How to take head bath?

   If you’re taking head bath remember to use required shampoo to your head and after completely washing the body the face should be the last part to be  cleaned because the dirt from the head can get accumulated over the face Or if you have oiled your hair the oil may get settled on the face. That is the reason the face must be washed at  the end of the bath with cold water.

How to dry the Hair?

Remember not to dry the head vigorously wiping from the towel . Because this may cause more hair fall. Try to wipe it gently and dry naturally. Please do not use hair dryer regularly. Remember to comb the hair  once they’re completely dry.


Which soap to use?

  Do not use strong fragrance soap or body wash as they contain more chemicals and always. Do not use soap with milk in it, as they cause body odour.Try to use herbal soap which are mild to the body.use antiseptic soaps in summer, moisturizing soaps in winters. Do not keep changing the soap, as the skin gets adapted to one kind, it is not good to keep changing soaps regularly.

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