7 best Home Remedies for High blood pressure – Hypertension

Blood pressure means the pressure by which the blood is flowing in the blood vessels.

Blood vessels are  artery and veins that supply the different part of the body.

The normal blood pressure for an adult is 120/80 mm of Hg.

Blood pressure reading more than 140/100 is considered as High blood pressure


Signs and symptoms of High blood pressure/ Hypertension

Many times increase blood pressure does not show any particular signs and symptoms.  

The common complaints of people suffering from high blood pressure would be dizziness, dull headache, short temper and getting angry very soon for silly matters , swelling in the feet, increased sleep and craving for salty foods.

To diagnose a person and confirming that he or she has hypertension, the blood pressure must be recorded during three different times and it should be high all the three times.

It is necessary to start the treatment immediately for blood pressure because if the pressure in the blood vessels increased the blood vessels will burst open leading to damage to the organs especially eye and kidney.

Brain stroke and organ failure are the fatal causes of High blood pressure/ Hypertension

Following are few easy home remedies to bring high blood pressure to normal, but immediate treatment must be started to bring the blood pressuer to normal


 Easy and best Home remedies for high blood pressure/ Hypertension.


Salt restriction is a must for high blood pressure/Hypertension

#Sodium is one of the major reason for increased blood pressure.  

#It is present in high quality in the common salt as Sodium chloride used in cooking food  in the kitchen.

 #Having the diet with no salt or replacing the salt with potassium salt would be very beneficial in controlling blood pressure.

#Potassium salts or low sodium salts are available in the market.

Food rich in potassium for high blood pressure/Hypertension

#Potassium is necessary to replace Sodium in the blood to decrease high blood pressure

#In take of Potassium rich food helps a lot in regulation of high blood pressure

 #Banana works wonders in maintaining normal blood pressure.

  #It is one of the fruits that is easily available and rich in potassium.

#Avocado, sweet potato, dried apricot, pomegranate are few food items that are rich in potassium.

 #Make sure to use them in daily diet to maintain high blood pressure.

#Replacing sodium with potassium plays an important role in controlling blood pressure.


Exercise and high blood pressure

exercising regularly for at least 30 minutes per day  helps very much in hypertension

Exercise in any form, like  brisk walking or jogging can help in controlling the blood pressure in a drastic way.

Remember not to Strain yourself by doing more exercise.

Avoid Lifting weights in gym.


Relaxation and Meditation for combating Hypertension  

stress is on of the major cause for hypertension

combating the stress by Yoga and meditation

listening to relaxing music

cultivating hobbies to ease the stress like swimming, painting, gardening helps to control stress thereby reducing the blood pressure.

 Magic of Garlic in treating high blood pressure/ hypertension

Garlic has been considered to have properties of thinning the blood.  

-Having garlic regularly in the diet either raw or cooked will keep the arteries healthy and prevent thickening of the blood.

-Thereby helping to control blood pressure.

Coffee restriction is mandatory for treating high blood pressure 

-Caffeine has been one of the elements that can cause increased blood pressure.

-People with high blood pressure must completely stop intake of coffee.


–Regardless, it is always necessary to get blood pressure checked up once a week or monitor it at home using electronic blood pressure or sphygmomanometer

–Always start the medicines immediately and bring down blood pressure to normal.

–It is always better to take the blood pressure medicines at the same time every day

–Blood pressure and diabetes go hand in hand, remember to get your blood check up for glucose regularly too.

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