Healthy Hair- Home remedies to prevent hair fall/hair loss.

The article on “Healthy Hair- Home remedies to prevent hair fall” focuses on how to prevent hair fall and what are the precautions to be taken to prevent further hair loss.

  • This is an article about how to take care of your hair.
  • What are the micro nutrients and food to be eaten for good hair?
  • How and when to wash the
  • hair? Which type of shampoo and conditioner suits your hair best?
  • Hair of men and women differ in the growth and management
  • The products used must also depend upon the type of hair one has.


Diet and Lifestyle for Good hair to have Healthy Hair and prevent Hair fall.

  • Vitamin C is the most essential vitamin for good hair growth.
  • Fruits rich in vitamin C are  citrus fruits like orange, lemon,lime, grapes and mangoes.
  • Amla or Indian Gooseberry is the richest source of Vitamin C.
  • Use of curry leaves,onions and egg in the diet will help in  having good healthy hair.
  • Eating food rich in protein and vitamins like dry fruits and drinking more amount of water is necessary to have good hair.

Hair care in summer and winter for healthy hair

  •  Hair is usually susceptible to heat, hence it is better to cover the hair with hat or scarf when exposed to Sun for a long time.
  • Regular exercise yoga and meditation will also help in maintaining good hair growth as hair growth is affected by stress and certain diseases.
  • Using of heavy helmets during riding bikes can cause more pressure over the hair and scalp leading to hair loss. It is always better to use a lightweight helmet and keep removing it often to give space for the hair to breath for a while in between.
  • Using shower everyday directly on the hair can also damaged hair leading to Baldness in Men.
  • The pressure of the water from the shower usually causes damage to the roots of the hair leading to hair loss.
  • Hot water used while taking head bath can wash away the natural oil from the scalp and leaves to dry hair which is more prone for hair loss.  
  • Always use lukewarm or gentle hot water while washing the hair.
  • Do knot tie tie a scarf or wear a tight skull cap at night while sleeping because the scalp get compressed and can damage the hair.
  • While on two wheeler, always cover the hair with a loose hat or tight gently to prevent the wind blow harm and break your hair.

Types of hair and how to care for healthy hair

Oily hair;  

  • if your scalp contains more sebaceous glands and your skin is oily it means you have oily hair.
  • Dust particles and dirt can easily gar trapped in oily hair.
  • It is necessary to wash oily hair at least once in two days to keep them healthy.
  • Always use the appropriate shampoo to wash the hair like shampoo with lemon extracts in it for oily hair.  
  • Use of conditioner can be limited to whenever necessary as the natural oil itself will condition the hair.


Normal hair;  

  • normal hair means not too oily or not too dry or not too oily.  
  • It is better to wash your hair three times a week.
  • Use a good protein shampoo followed by conditioner once or twice a week.
  •  It is never advised to use shampoo or repeat wash because the shampoo will wash away the natural oil from the scalp.


Dry hair;  

  • dry hair is usually associated with dandruff due to lack of moisture of the scalp.
  •  It is seen in people who wash their hair very often like daily or twice daily which tends to washout the natural oil secreted by the hair.  
  • It is always advised not to use shampoo to wash the hair.
  • Using the hair conditioner to wash the hair in the place of shampoo
  • it will give the better effect to the hair by cleaning the dirt and retaining the  moisture of the hair.


How to dry the hair to prevent hair fall and retain healthy hair

  • It is never advised to rub the hair  harshly with towel after bath.
  • Pat dry the Hair or cover the  scalp completely with a towel for 30 seconds to allow the water to be absorbed by the towel.  
  • This way of drying hair will prevent lot of hair loss due to rubbing the hair in order to dry it.
  •  Do not use hair dryer everyday as the hot air from the hair dryer can damage the hair with its roots.
  • Do not comb the hair when they are wet,
  • It will lead to hair breakage and hair loss



Few More Tips to prevent hair fall

  • –Restrict yourself to one Herbal shampoo and one herbal conditioner and do not keep changing them
  • –because the hair would have been adjusted to the shampoo and conditioner you are using.
  • –If you keep changing  the product even the hair need some time to adjust to the product which may lead to hair loss.
  • –Do not use hair product like Brylcream hair gel and hairspray.
  • –These are purely chemical based and poison to hair causing hair loss, grey and white hair and damage to the scalp permanently
  • — Always use your own personal set of comb, Scissors and razors when you visit your salon
  • –because many a times diseases from others who visited the same salon can get transmitted to you by using the same comb or scissors.
  • –Do not forget to take bath immediately after visiting a salon or after hair cut.
  • –Limit combing your hair when they are dry.
  • –Combing Wet hair can cause lot of hair loss 
  • — combing of the hair often for no reason can also plug out new growing hair easily from the root.  
  • –Use the suitable comb for your hair type.
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