Different types of coffee and tea

Different types of coffee and tea

Among hot beverages the most common ones in India are coffee and tea. What is the best time to drink these? Which is more beneficial? What are the health benefit? Different types of coffee and tea?



Black tea with milk is the mostly used tea all over India. It is also called Decoction. It is prepared by adding one spoon of black tea powder in boiling water and steaming it for few minutes. It can be taken with milk or with sugar and lime.

Benefits of tea tea is it elevates and freshens up the mood. Makes the person alert and active. Tea is used as a medicine too. Black tea is used in the treatment of loose stools. Tea act like astringent  covering the stomach and preventing secretions thereby helps in controlling loose motion. By adding sugar and milk the strength of 30 is decreased. Green tea is the most famous tea these days and more about it is given in the article on Green tea



Coffee can be taken with milk or without. Black coffee is beneficial in weight loss but instant coffee powder is necessary to prepare black coffee.

Coffee are made up of two types of beans, one is coffee beans and the other is chicory beans. Coffee beans are more healthy than Chicory beans. Coffee contain morel amount of caffeine compared tea. Tea contains less amount of caffeine and L-theanine, theophylline, and bound caffeine



It is never advised to have tea or coffee in empty stomach as both are gastric irritants and can cause gastritis. Tea must not be had immediately after food because it can cause indigestion by decreasing the absorption of food from the stomach. The best time to have tea and coffee is 15 to 20 minutes after food or breakfast.



Tea and coffee are both brain stimulants, that gives a feeling of freshness and improves the mood. Black tea is good to control loose stools, it prevents the production of gastric fluids and helps in treating loose motion.

Coffee has good Medicine values too, it have a good effect on once liver and helps fight constipation.



Over intake of tea or coffee has few harmful effects, Insomnia is one of the most common side effects of more intake of tea and coffee. Gastric irritation is also see if tea and coffee are taken in empty stomach

Limit the intake of tea to 3 glasses per day and coffee to maximum of 2 glasses per day. That would be healthy enough to enjoy these tasty hot beverages.

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