Cardamom and Cloves- Health benefits and unknown Facts

Many spices are used to prepare different food in the Indian household.

Hence it is true that eating curry and sambar prevents colon cancer.

These spices individually have many health benefits.

This article is about the health benefits of Cardamom and Cloves and few unknown facts.


Cardamom and Health benefits

  This aromatic Spice elevates every bodies mood with its strong fragrance.

Cardamom seed and its skin, both have many medicinal properties.

Cardamom as mouth freshener

–Few grains of cardamom popped into the mouth acts as a great mouth freshener and breath freshener.

–It has been always preffered to use the natural mouth freshener like cardamom rather than the artificial mouth freshener sprays.

–The artificial mouth fresheners contains preservatives and Chemicals that are harmful for the body.

–Cardamom being less expensive and being easily available can be used as an excellent mouth freshener anytime.

Cardamom as antidepressant

–The smell of the crushed cardamom elevates everyone’s mood

— Chewing few grains of Cardamom has  proved to treat depression

— Therefore it has been used as an antidepressant.

–Cardamom oil  many a times  has been used to treat depression and to elevate one’s mood.


Cardamom tea and Health benefits

cardamom tea can be prepared in the following way

–boil a glass of water.

–take one cardamom and Crush it with its peel.

–at the crushed cardamom in the boiling water

–once the Aroma of the cardamom has been released in the water and half teaspoon of black tea powder

–let it boil for 2 minutes

–strain the tea in a mug

–add honey for taste and drink.

A green tea bag can also be used in the hot water after crushing cardamom

this would give green tea with  natural cardamom flavour

Intake of Cardamom tea for health benefits are

1.depression as antidepressant

2. in indigestion or after heavy meal

3. in treating nausea and vomiting sensation

4. it also prevents colon cancer

Cardamom other health benefits

–Cardamom helps in decreasing the level of cholesterol in the body

–Thereby helping weight loss and protecting the health of the heart .

— Cardamom has proved beneficial in gastrointestinal disorders like acidity, flatulence and abdominal cramps.

–Cardamom also contains antimicrobial properties,  

–Use of Cardamom oil has been shown to disable the growth of bacteria causing food poisoning.  


–Cardamom processes anti asthmaticatic property thereby treating respiratory diseases.

–Cardamom processes anti-inflammatory properties as well.

–Muscle cramps can be treated easily by the use of Cardamom oil.

Cardamom and Dental Care

–Cardamom also has been used in dental care.

–Many toothpaste contain cardamom as their main ingredient due to its antibiotic property and its  fresh fragrance.


   By knowing the above benefits always enjoy Cardamom by popping few of the grains in the mouth or crushing it and preparing a nice cardamom tea.


Cloves and health benefits

 Cloves are more spicy comparative cardamom with the following health benefits. 

–Cloves are excellent for digestion.

–They help in nausea and prevent vomiting sensation.

–In motion sickness, the nausea and vomiting sensation while travelling in bus or flight, chewing a clove has been proved to be beneficial.

–Clove has antibacterial properties.

–Clove oil has been usually used as a painkiller for dental pain or toothache.

–It has been also proved that clove oil  kills bacteria causing Cholera.

— Clove has excellent results on liver health.

–It prevents the deposition of bad cholesterol over liver and improves the health of Liver.

–Clove has the property to releases insulin from the pancreas and help with glucose control,  hence it is very beneficial for people with diabetes mellitus .


Cardamom and cloves, both possess aphrodisiac property, that is the increase the sexual feeling and libido.

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