5 fact Must Know Summer Care Tips

Summer care- Do’s n Don’ts

  Summer season has begun in India and it’s necessary to know how to take care of once Health. Beating the burning sun or enjoying the ripe mangoes, in the end one more be healthy and fine.

Following are few most common Health conditions experienced by people in summer and how to keep yourself away from it.

Summer care- Do’s n Don’ts
Summer care- Do’s n Don’ts
  1. Dehydration.

 Sweating a lot during summer is not uncommon. The Water loss due to sweating is more in summers than other seasons over the years. Make a point to drink one liter extra with the normal amount of water you drink everyday. Drinking Water must be clean and purified. Due to Water shortage in summer, many a times in Restaurant they serve contaminated Water. Know the source of Water before you drink.

 Having fruits with Water content seems good in summers. Watermelons, musk melons, oranges and tender coconut water can always be enjoyed in the summer.Freshly prepared buttermilk also helps a lott to prevent dehydration in summer.

  1.    Heat stroke

   Due to dehydration heat stroke is common problem in summer. Keep yourself hydrated and protect yourself from the Sun. Wearing light colour cotton clothes is preferred because Light colours reflect light whereas dark colours absorbs heat and increases the chances of heat stroke. Protect yourself by wearing a cap or using an umbrella when you walk under the Sun.

  1.     Heat boils and Rashes

Heat boils and rashes near the armpit and pubic area is very common problem faced in summer. Wash the area gently with cold water, pat it dry and apply the following if necessary. Rubbing ice cube can help the heat boils but it can be cumbersome. Applying fresh Aloe Vera gel is very good in treating heat boils. It soothes the area and the antibacterial property heals it.

Applying Calamine Lotion helps to sooth the itch.

  1.    Skin Care

Protect your skin of the face by applying good sunscreen for me of SPF  15 and above before exposing to the sun. Repeat it once in 4 hours until you are under the Sun. Wearing full sleeves clothing can help prevent  more exposure of the body to the Sun and prevents from darkening of skin. Applying sandalwood paste over the face can you heal the sunburn and prevent pigmentation. Applying the paste of multani mitti  twice a week can help people with oily skin, it also helps in removing Sun tan and pimples.

  1. Eye care

Always use UV protected sunglasses when you go out in the Sun to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of Sun. Try  to avoid exposure to the sun between 11 p.m. to 4 p.m. as the sun rays in the most from causing damage to the eyes and skin.


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