5 Easy Home remedies for Clear and Fair Face

The face is a very essential part of everyone’s body. Many people spend a lot of money to get a good clear fair complexion of the face. The skin of the face is different from the skin of the rest of the body. Blood supply to the facial skin is more than the rest of the body. Therefore any wound over the face heals faster than over the other part of the body. Here are few easy home remedies to get the clear face with fair complexion.

1.Drink plenty of water for a clear fair face

#Water constitutes the maximum amount of body fluid.
#The function of water is to remove the toxins from the body.
#Toxins are removed in the form of urine or sweat as we all know.
#When the toxins are out of the body face looks more beautiful.
#More water content in the body will keep the facial skin hydrated and beautiful.
#The moisture of the skin is necessary to keep it healthy and beautiful.
#Drinking 4 liters of clean water every day will surely give a beautiful skin and face.

2.Use of baking soda for a clear and fair face
#Baking soda in a miracle powder for healthy skin.
#It is always better to keep a tin of baking soda in the bathroom
#Baking soda can be used as a face Scrub to remove the blackheads whiteheads and prevent pimple formation

how to use baking soda for face

  • take a teaspoon of baking soda,
  • take two to three teaspoon of cold water and make a paste of baking soda,
  • apply the mixture over the clean face with circular motion around nose and cheeks,
  • wait after 2 minutes with and wash it with cold water,

This will remove all the blackheads whiteheads from the face and will give a soft clear skin
Do the baking soda Scrub twice a week and not daily
To increase the complexion of face,  lemon juice can be used in the place of water.


3. Face packs for clear and fair skin
#Multani mitti is the best face pack for a clear firm skin to face.

#It increases the complexion of the skin by removing the tan.
#It increases the skin care by preventing wrinkles.

#There are many varieties of Multani mitti available in the market, choose wisely which suits best to your skin and       use them.
#Using this face pack once a week is sufficient to keep the skin healthy and glowing.

4.Use of green tea bags for fair skin
#Green tea has a lot of benefits for health and body.
#It also has many benefits for skin due to an antioxidant property.

#Green tea bags in direct form can be used to massage over the face for 2 to 3 minutes.
#Remember not to wash the face immediately after use of green tea bags as it needs some time to work over the face
#Keeping the green tea bag in refrigerator and using it chilled can also help in removing puffiness around the eyes   and increase the skin complexion.

5. Use of sunscreen lotion and fairness cream for fair skin
#To maintain the complexion of the skin it is necessary to prevent it from skin damage by sunrise
#Always use a sunscreen lotion if you are working in the sun
#SPF of the sunscreen is necessary depending upon the severity of exposure of the face in the sun

#Use a fairness cream which does not contain the steroid and harmful chemicals
#A herbal formulation of fairness cream is always better to use daily
because many chemical-based fairness creams will worsen the facial Skin after the usage of the cream is stopped.


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