5 Best ways to Quit Smoking Permanently

Smoking is injurious to health. It causes deadly diseases like lung cancer, head and neck cancers, buccal carcinoma, throat cancer, carcinoma of the larynx, and ultimately leads to death. To quit smoking one must have the firm determination and follow it strictly. There are many ways mentioned to quit smoking but it is necessary to select the best which suits the person.

Following are the five best techniques to quit smoking permanently that has been proven on many chronic smokers

1. Know the deadliest risks of smoking
#Before popping into one more cigarette to smoke ask yourself is it necessary???

#Read articles on the health effects of smoking

#Watch the related videos of people suffering from cancer due to smoking

#Try to talk to people who have been suffering from other health effects developed due to smoking       and take their advice

#Whenever the urge to smoke comes to the mind see few pictures of people suffered from cancer       due to smoking

#When the fear of death due to smoking is a set into the mind, it is easy to quit smoking permanently.

2. Be thankful for the lungs
#Lungs are the respiratory organ that absorbs oxygen from the Air and gives out carbon dioxide.

#By taking in oxygen lungs deliver fresh oxygen to the blood and keep the person alive and healthy.

#Lungs are made up of spongy tissue and contain alveolus, the ultimate area where the exchange of gases takes place. 

#The cigarette smoke will cause the alveoli to get blocked with the black carbon particle.

#This damages the lungs permanently.

#Knowing this a person should not kill himself by smoking cigarette.

Lung says to the smokers
“ I breathe in oxygen and give you life but you smoke a cigarette and give me death” -Quit smoking

3. Use of lemon to quit smoking
#The tangy sour taste of lemon works wonders.

#When a person experiences the craving for smoking lemon can be used.

#Take a slice of lemon and squeeze in into the mouth.

#Lemon juice stimulates the taste buds on the tongue and prevents the feel of smoking.

4. Tell a friend to be strict
#Select one of your very good and dear friends.

#Tell them your plan of quitting smoking.

#Explain to them to scold you and be strict with you when you get the urge of smoking.

#Ask the friend to remind you of the fatal effects of smoking.

#Provided you be truthful to the friend if at all you smoke a cigarette in the process of quitting to smoke.

# On the other hand, stay away from the friends who encourage you to smoke.

#This really works very well if this method is done in a proper way.

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5.Water and exercise to quit smoking
#Nicotine toxins must be flushed out from the body.

#Drinking water for about 4 litres per day helps to flush out the possible toxins of nicotine from the blood.

#Many a time the presence of nicotine in the blood will give the craving sensation to a person to smoke.

#By drinking more amount of water and cleaning the body from nicotine helps to quit smoking faster than expected.

#Exercising on other hand improves the detoxification process.

#Exercise increases the blood supply to the lungs.

#This can revert the damage to the lungs caused due to smoking cigarette.

#Make a group of friends who have the same motto of quitting smoking and exercise regularly.

Few important facts for chronic smokers
–Get a chest X-ray done and see the injury to the lungs.

–Check for any presence of patches inside the mouth around the cheeks on the tongue, as these can be precancerous lesions which if neglected can cause cancer

–If you are a chronic smoker try nicotine patches rather than smoking cigarettes.

–Alternative therapy of Yoga meditation to deviate Mind from smoking helps a lot.

–There are homoeopathy medicines preparation that helps in quitting smoking.


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