4 Best Proven remedies for quick and effective Weight Loss

There are many articles, more than hundred articles and videos which is about weight loss.

Weight loss or losing weight is a very easy technique but need to train the mind to get the determination for an effective weight loss.  

To do anything training one’s mind is very necessary and essential.

Without that, no work or no decision taken will be effective.

 Shortcuts always end in hazardous feedback. There is no easiest way to lose weight rather than burning it by exercise.  

These days there are many products which claim to reduce weight in the form of tablets or powders.

These are very dangerous because they can permanently damage internal organs like kidney and liver.  


The following are very effective ways of reducing weight in a less amount of time.


1.Never skip breakfast for weight loss

  • Breakfast does not mean dosa, idli, vada, pancakes.
  • Eating some solid food in the morning before starting the day is meant breakfast,
  • It may include milk, dry fruits or few fruit slices of Apple, oranges, papaya, oatmeal, cereals and cornflakes.  
  • Having breakfast will stimulate the internal organs as well as will gives the necessary glucose to the Brain for the days work and prepare the body well.
  • When  breakfast is taken in the morning it stimulates the internal organs and the intestine to start digesting the food thereby not overloading the intestine.
  • It also increases the basal metabolic rate keeping the weight at check.
  • Many a time people tend to eat more food for lunch and more than necessary for dinner as they skip the breakfast causing unhealthy weight gain.
  • Having a healthy breakfast is the key to weight loss

2.Have green tea for easy way of weight loss

  •  How drinking green tea will help you with weight reduction?
  • A glass of milk tea contains milk and sugar which are high-calorie substances leading to increased weight.  
  • In a glass of green tea, there is neither milk no sugar but it contains caffeine and tannic Acid .
  • These elements help in burning the fat and it also prevents intake of extra calories there by helping in weight reduction.
  • More about Green tea is in the link below

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3.Drink Black coffee, the unknown fact for Weight loss:

  • Black coffee is considered to be highly Effective in weight loss
  • Black coffee without sugar has high caffeine that is said to increase the basal metabolic rate that help in burning of fat.
  •  Again similar to green tea, black coffee which does not contain Milk or sugar will not add substances that can increase the calorie content of the diet.
  • The most effective time to drink green tea or black coffee is just before going to gym or exercise or a walk.  
  • This will help in mobilizing the fat which gets burnt down into glucose to give energy to your body during exercise.
  • Drinking two glasses of black coffee a day is very helpful in weight loss

4.Exercising, walking or jogging is must for weight loss:

  • why exercise is very necessary for weight loss?
  • Whatever food we eat is converted into glucose and supplied to all the parts of the body,
  • but the amount of food that is eaten usually by all  is more than what the  body requires.
  • The remaining portion of food which is not used by the body gets converted into fat and accumulates in the body.
  • For burning the fat , it must be to converted the fat into glucose.
  • That is by increasing the need for glucose by our body.
  •  The best method to do it is to exercise.
  • During a run, jog or  exercise, the muscles  require more glucose in less time.
  •  To fulfill the demand of glucose the fat gets burnt into glucose supplying the body causing weight loss quicky.
  • By knowing the actual reason it’s better to learn to start exercising or running or jogging to lose weight fast and quickly.
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